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Saturday 17 February 2023

Big Melon Weigh-In & Most Marketable Melons

Location: Chinchilla State Primary School Oval, Middle Street
Time: 5pm

Check out the biggest/heaviest melon!

Further Details:

  • Bar will be open.
  • PLEASE NOTE - No animals on school grounds. 


Previous Big Melon Winners

1994 Dennis & Jan Dickman (Chinchilla) 66.2kg

1995 Roger & Cathy Madder (Chinchilla) 55kg

1997 Ross olm (non melon grower (Chinchilla) 57.5kg

1999 Dennis & Jan Dickman (Chinchilla) 82.2kg

2001 Gary Marsden (Bundaberg grower) 72.25kg

2003 Dennis & Jan Dickman (Chinchilla) 63.6kg

2005 DK & CD Reed (Kingaroy) 83.6kg

2007 Bernie & Matt Davies (Chinchilla) 87.5kg

2009 Bernie & Matt Davies (Chinchilla) 70.6kg

2011 Kyron Sturgess (Chinchilla) 56kg

2013 Kyron Sturgess (Chinchilla) 86kg

2015 Chris Davies (Chinchilla) 63.5kg

2017 Kyron & Bec Sturgess (Chinchilla) 75kg

2019 Geoff Frohloff (Lowood) (large veggie grower) 100.5kg

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